Exhibition 18th June Lanchester Gallery Preparation Tasks

Timetable: Meet in ICE 12 o clock each week

Task 1 for the Exhibition.
Over the next two weeks edit you own 5min pieces to the theme of Land. You should try and use your own images shot of the land, or sea etc. The sounds used can be from the shared audio captured by us as a group. The audio should be treated like the audio in the experimental 30 sec piece you put together earlier in the module.Theme Land.

Task 2. During this week you should also record your song/poem in the radio room with Paul Adkins the sound technician. The deadline for both of these elements will be the 16th of May. On this date bring your finished five minute Land piece with audio complete ready to be edited together to make a 50min film with the other nine movies.

Bring along your audio song or poem as well. Theme Memory.

May 2nd : 12 o clock ICE
May 9th : 12 o clock ICE

May 16th Five min Land film finished. Audio poem/song complete.

May 23rd : 12 o clock ICE Task 3 Work on audio interviews and visual imagery for People theme.
May 30th : 12 o clock ICE

June 6th Working in pairs each pair to have edited one of the audio interviews together with, at the beginning the persons name, picture, then other chosen images. Theme People.

June 13th: 12 o clock ICE

Set up for the exhibition Monday 17th June, Tuesday 18th June.


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