ICE 10am Friday 15th March

Good to see the developments in the experimental films last week. I feel a number of them showed a real breakthrough in technique and conceptual understanding.

In this weeks session I want to go through what we will be doing on the trip to Scotland and to introduce to you some of the issues that are current in the Inner Hebrides.

Land reform is a big issue in the Highlands of Scotland and provokes powerful memories as Land Ownership and landowners were brutal in their treatment of tenant farmers (crofters) in the Scottish Highlands.

The violence of Landowners and factors with regard to the Crofters were notorious and the scars on the landscape and the people left behind through the Clearances are still to be located in the landscape and within the memories of the local crofters families.

The issue of control of the Land recently came to a head on Raasay a small Island off the coast of Skye. It involved a U turn by the Scottish Government and a quick visit by the minister (Wheelhouse) to Raasay to meet with the local Crofters Association to explain himself and how he reversed the initial decision of the Scottish Government.

Andy Wightman a Land Reform activist and writer has a really useful blog that documents this current issue and wider issues on Land Reform. His Blog “Land Matters” needs to be read by you before we go on the trip as The Land, the People and the Language will be central to the concerns of the trip.


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