Subtitles in FCPX

Some people have asked how to do subtitles in FCPX. If there is not too much dialogue that needs to be translated then it is possible to work with the title tools within FCPX. This is quite long winded and can slow FCPX to a crawl.

There are specialised pieces of software that allow for the creation of a subtitle file that can then be fused with the output .mov file from FCPX.

One of these tools is free and the other is $9. For some of you that may have to do a lot of translation work making use of subtitles these two pieces of software may be worth getting to know.

The first one is called Jubler and is free. This piece of software allows you to set text to appear at the defined time by timecode.

Jubler subtitle software

Jubler subtitle software

You then export a subtitle file from Jubler. This can then be used by another programme called Submerge ($9) that can fuse the subtitle file with your exported movie file. Submerge is very simple to use but very useful and powerful for subtitling.

submerge subtitle output with movie

submerge subtitle output with movie


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