5th & 6th December

I have booked out the ICE for you to use from 10am to 1.30pm and 4pm through the evening on the 5th of December and from 12.30 through to the evening on the 6th of December. This week is set aside for you to film and do the first edit of your Direct Cinema based 3min Documentary piece. I will be commenting on your work as you place it on your blog.

The following week on the 12th of December will be a day to further refine your first edit for the Documentary piece. I will be in ICE all day from 10am onwards to provide feedback and guidance.
On the 13th of December from 12.30 onwards in ICE there will be the screening and sharing of all of the initial edits for the 3min documentary.
We will give you feedback before leaving for your holiday. You have the opportunity to refine the piece over the holiday ready to review in January.


We are all going to bring in one pre prepared food dish from our own culture for us to consume during the screening. I will also bring a couple of bottles of bubbly wine.


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