Wilson Twin’s Exhibition Manchester Whitworth Gallery Until January 27th

New Exhibition:

Post-atrocity exhibition: Jane and Louise Wilson’s disturbing films

From Chernobyl to the room where a Mossad assassination took place, Jane and Louise Wilson capture the aftermath of atrocities.

On 29 April 1986, three days after Reactor Unit 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power station went into meltdown and exploded, Vladimir Shevchenko gained access to the site and filmed the ongoing disaster. He shot some of his film from a helicopter, passing directly over the burning reactor. Viewing his footage later, Shevchenko discovered that portions of it were seriously degraded. At first he thought the film stock was faulty; it turned out that the aberrant flashes and blips, and the static on the soundtrack, were the invisible crackles of radiation itself, made visible on the photographic emulsion. Those who were at Chernobyl at the time said that they could feel the radiation, like pins and needles on their skin.


Whitworth Art Gallery ,

Until 27 January 2013
Toxic Camera will also screen at the Whitechapel gallery, London E1, on 2 December 2012.


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