Artefact 1: Experimental Film (1 minute duration) M61/62MC


Artefact 1: Experimental Film (1 minute duration)

Brief: Produce an experimental film that looks at the concept of the city.

This project will require you to look at the city, landscape and skyscape and to make a short film that is non-representational.  In other words the objective of the film is not for you to offer a representation of what you see but to use film techniques to present your ‘thoughts on screen’ using sounds and images.

There are some examples of city and landscape experimental films here:
Please read the articles and watch some of the films

One way of approaching this project would be to work within a structural framework. There is a very good definition here:

We will be discussing this project and viewing some work on Thursday 4th October 4.30 in I.C.E We have arranged a trip to the Tate Modern in London on Friday 12th October. We will be viewing and discussing a range of experimental work that is now showing at The Tank. The journey, the Tate building and London all offer possibilities for filming footage for this project.

Your film should be edited and delivered by Thursday November 15th. We will review and discuss your work on that day.


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